Find out which points on your palm,foot can relieve pain on different body parts


Pain and fatigue in different parts of the body causes great discomfort for the sufferer. For those who experience chronic pain and fatigue on a constant basis, reflexology is definitely the best option to get instant relief from pain without visiting a doctor.

Aside from alternative medications like massage therapy or chiropractics, this simple technique uses the knowledge of pressure points in the hands to get relief from painful body parts or fatigue. Pressing certain points on your palm will not only help you to get relief from any pain or physical problems but also rejuvenates your health.

Continue reading to know more about it. Also, see the video to know about these pressure points.

foot-reflexologyReflexology is an ancient and natural healing process that has been practiced for almost 5,000 years to promote wellness. This alternative medication promotes overall wellness by applying pressure on certain points of the hands. Reflexologists believe that different points on our palms are connected to different body organs. By pressing and massaging them, it can be proven to be very effective and beneficial to our health.

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