Intel Ubuntu OS in Ultra-Portable Computer Stick

intel-usb-stickIntel has set the trend by launching Windows 10 on its smart Compute Stick, followed by Microsoft, Lenovo and many others. Now Intel has made an announcement that the Intel Compute Stick will come with an Ubuntu version. The Stick will come in the market next week and will be available worldwide.

Intel Compute Stick is a single board computing device. The Stick is embedded with 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and comes at a price of $110 USD. It is very easy to use and just by plugging the Compute Stick any conventional display is converted into a ready to use the computer.It also has sufficient storage that allows you to keep your software and files safe with you.

intel compute stick

intel compute stick

It comes with an expandable memory via microSD card slot, giving you the luxury to store your music, movies and other files. The Intel Compute Stick also has cable with a security notch, so just forget about anyone stealing it.

With the options of OS that the Intel Compute Stick provides, it comes in very handy for the users to opt for any one. The launch of this device by Intel will help Ubuntu grow and spread as a favoured OS globally.

Intel offers a Windows-based version of the Compute Stick, but starting July 2, it is also launching one that runs Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux operating system. The Ubuntu product ships with 1GB of memory and 8GB of on-disk storage—less than the Windows alternative—bu

t its lower system requirements and open source environment should make it attractive to customers seeking a sleek and flexible on-the-go computing solution.

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