Phree is a write-anywhere smartpen that also takes phone calls

phree smartpen

A digital pen that allows users to document and share a digital copy of a scribble, sketch or note written on any surface has been developed in Israel.

When paired with a smartphone, ‘Phree’ frees users from the need to write on paper or the screen itself. Resembling traditional hand-held pens in size and shape, its developers say that Phree’s appeal is in preserving the ancient act of writing or drawing while keeping up with technological advancements.


Phree is a Bluetooth connected mobile input device. Basically a pen, Phree allows the user to make virtually any surface a paper to write and save it on his phone or tablet. Surface can be anything- car’s dashboard or dinner table or your hand!





Phree has all features one desires in such a smartpen- Writing, sending and receiving messages, taking notes, drawing, dialing numbers, inbuilt Bluetooth headset, using software like Office, OneNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber etc. Phree can be easily connected to devices such as smartphone, tablet, television or laptop through Bluetooth connection.

Although Phree’s sold out of the cheap early bird specials, it still has some left for backers who are willing to pay $168. Phree is available in Black, Graphite, Silver, and Gold, and should ship in March 2016.

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