Pocket Washing Machine

Pocket Washing Machine

Haier unveils CODO, which is said to be world’s first pocket washing machine. CODO is equivalent to the size of an electric shaver or a deodorant bottle. Weighing just 200 gm, the hand-held machine is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World records.

Eric Braganza, president, Haier India, said, “The launch of Haier CODO in India is a testament of our commitment to our Indian customers and bring forth the latest product innovations that complement their evolving lifestyles. As life gets faster with more people on-the-go, it becomes imperative to have solutions that come in handy and makes lives easier.” CODO will be launched online on July 26 and will be available exclusively at a price of Rs. 3,990.ANI

 The Codo isn’t really useful if you want something to was your clothes on an everyday basis. After a whole day’s use, you’re going to need a real washing machine to keep your clothes fresh. But think of all the times you’ve spilled a bit of food while eating, or you’ve been working and managed to spilled some coffee on your shirt.

Pocket Washing Machine

We’ve all done it, and then instantly rushed to the washbasin to try and wash the mess off quickly before it ruins a shirt. Of course, as you probably remember, doing this is both difficult, because you’re probably trying to wrangle an entire shirt into the basin, and also inconvenient, because you’ll end up getting the whole shirt wet while trying to clean a few spots off.

The Codo is powered by 3 AAA batteries and weighs just 200gms, little over the weight of your smartphone. The batteries give it enough power for around 50 washes, depending on usage, and according to Haier, it can take between 30 to 120 seconds to clean up stains, depending on their nature and severity.

The top part, houses the batteries, and the power button. The lower part of the device is a water reservoir, which is capped by a small tube, which has several small holes. To fill the 200ml reservoir, you can unscrew the cleaning tube and then just hold the Codo under a tap for a few seconds. When you hold it up and press the power button, the tube starts to piston up and down, with small amounts of water coming out as well. You can either put liquid detergent into the Codo’s reservoir, along with the water, or just put a little detergent powder on stains directly.

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