PUGZ- World’s smallest wireless earbuds charged through phone


PUGZ gives you freedom when you listen to music. They are light weight, designed to give good sound, and allow you to continue listening while they charge.Charging your headphones from your phone was not possible until recently, and PUGZ is the first to take advantage of this. We also like that you can order either closed or open designs. Open means that you can hear sounds around you, while closed provides more isolation so you don’t have external noise.

The sweat-proof earbuds come with a new kind of self-guiding magnetic connector called The Squircle that can be detached when no charging is needed. Not only the phone, but you can charge it via the traditional methods using your PC. When you are not listening to music you can hang them in style to your neck with courtesy self-magnets on the cord.

PUGZ-Worlds-smallest-wireless-earbuds-charged-through-phoneA smooth listening experience With no wires attached to your phone you can easily access your PUGZ and enjoy a smooth wireless experience. The lightweight and minimal shape of the earphone creates the perfect fit and lets you walk around tangle free.

The earbuds play for 4.5 hours non-stop before needing a recharge and are compatible with all Android, iOS and Windows powered phones/tablets/phablet. These earbuds had an initial pledge amount of $99 but that is gone and now $119 is the minimum pledge to get them. Damn these wireless earbuds are going to be so cool and if you wait till the retail version arrives the price is expected at $199 for a pair of Pugz.

PUGZControl your phone by PUGZ

  • Adjust volume
  • Play/pause/skip tracks
  • Start and end calls
  • Activate Siri or Google voice command.

PUGZ  having Powerful speakers and proprietary audio codec delivers a solid deep bass and crisp highs.

  • Rich bass response
  • Natural mid tones and crisp highs
  • Minimal harmonic distortion
  • 8Hz-28 KHz

PUGZ is compatible with all your devices with Bluetooth such as mobile phone, computer, tablet, TV, Apple Watch, etc. Just pair it and enjoy!

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