The eco-friendly tower


An architect has revealed designs for state-of-the-art tower blocks which are so environmentally friendly they produce more energy than they consume.

The extraordinary eco-conscious towers, which are almost as tall as the London Eye, are capable of holding thousands of people who live and work inside of them.

The environmentally friendly complex is 36 storeys high and features 1,000 homes, offices and working spaces, gyms, restaurants and swimming pools.


Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed the 420ft-tall ‘Hyperions’ in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint.

The Hyperions, which Mr Callebaut has designed to be built in New Delhi, India, are made mainly out of cross-laminated timber and are reinforced with steel.

Wildlife such as grass, trees and flowers grow all around the six towers – and on top of the complex is a tropical garden for residents to enjoy.

Mr Callebaut says nitrogen and green gases will be reduced by the introduction of farming crops in the Hyperions.

He also says the rebalanced ecosystems will reduce not only carbon emissions, but diseases too.

“Their name comes from the tallest tree in the world, the Hyperion, a Sequoia Sempervirens found in Northern California, which can reach 115 metres (380ft).

“Quickset hedges replace barbed wire and fences. Groves and tree rows reinvest fields where millet, wheat or corn crops are rotated.

“Cereal crops, together with legumes such as beans and squash, reduce nitrogen inputs (responsible for green gases), while maintaining healthy protein levels.

“Diseases, weeds and insect damage become less frequent thanks to such rebalanced ecosystems.


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