This Futuristic Electronic Skin Turns Your Body Into A Digital Display


Japanese scientists have developed an ultra-thin “e-skin” — a thin-film electronic display that is far thinner than the skin our bodies produce.

This e-skin could be laminated onto a person’s skin, and the wearer wouldn’t even notice the incredibly flexible “skin,” according to a University of Tokyo statement.

The e-skin could have electronic components that could monitor your health, allowing you to walk around with an invisible outer skin that monitored your blood or other vitals at all times, providing important medical data. It could also be used in industrial applications.

Integrating electronic devices with the human body to enhance or restore body function for biomedical applications is the goal of researchers around the world. In particular, wearable electronics need to be thin and flexible to minimize impact where they attach to the body. However, most devices developed so far have required millimeter-scale thickness glass or plastic substrates with limited flexibility, while micrometer-scale thin flexible organic devices have not been stable enough to survive in air.

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