Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10

Last we heard Windows 10 Mobile was a long way off and would come as late as November, but now we’ve learned Microsoft’s new mobile operating system is nearly feature completely.

In an interview with The Verge, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore let slip that Windows 10 Mobile “significantly feature complete.” In the coming months Microsoft will supposedly continue to polish and tweak the OS for future Windows phones.

Belfiore also mentioned that Microsoft will possibly have two premium Windows 10 Mobile smartphone released in 2015. These handsets would more than likely be the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, which are rumored to feature front-facing infrared cameras that will be instrumental when logging in without a password through Windows Hello.

Windows 10


The platform enables a new class of Windows universal apps. Apps that are truly written once, with one set of business logic and one UI. Apps that are delivered to one store within one package. Apps that are able to reach every Windows 10 device the developer wants to reach. Apps that feel consistent and familiar to the customer on all devices, while also contextually appropriate to each device’s input model and screen size,” he said.

This means not only supporting a number of screen sizes, but enabling a number of interaction models covering touchscreens, mouse and keyboard and pen input.

Windows 10


Microsoft is also providing a number of cloud-based services for developers to make use of, such as Windows Notification Services, Windows roaming data and the Windows Credential Locker, but also an expanded version of Cortana, OneDrive and Application Insights.

“Windows 10 is about making it easier for you and your code to do more and go further with a new platform built to maximise and extend your existing investments, both in your code and your skills,”

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