Wrist mobile-Cicret Bracelet

Cicret wristband

The Cicret bracelet is “like a tablet… but on your skin” the video proclaims. The users in the video are wearing a thin plastic wrist band and simply flick their wrist to summon forth an Android touch-screen surface on their forearm. Ostensibly, a projector is creating this image and a set of eight proximity sensors along the wrist band create the touch interface. The wrist band is loaded with unseen electronic components that give it all the functionality of a smartwatch and more, according to a schematic-style diagram shown in the video.

To put the icing on the cake, the Cicret bracelet is advertised to be available in two storage sizes – 16 GB and 32 GB – and 10 different colours.

Cicret wristbandCicret wristband

Here’s the problem – this bracelet doesn’t exist. There’s no selection of colours available, no storage size options, no advanced projection system that reacts to your touch on your skin. What’s depicted in the video is the work of post-production special effects, not a prototype piece of technology in action. That’s because no prototype exists.

The projector bracelet isn’t Pommier’s only project. The same website also advertises another product that does exist – in fact you can download the beta on the Google Play store right now. Cicret offers Android users a secure and private way to communicate with contacts, share files, and access files remotely through an encrypted communications channel. Its features include the ability to have your messages auto-destruct after being sent, the ability to edit messages you’ve previously sent, and to delete messages you’ve sent previously so the recipient can no longer access them.

According to Cicret’s call for donations page, it needs 300,000 euros ($425,062) to make the Cicret app available on all platforms. To make the Cicret bracelet’s first prototype, it will need 700,000 euros ($993,177). The website reasons that “if everyone gives us 1 euro, we will make it and release our products!”

For more information visit:http://cicret.com/


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